You will be doing your part in helping us collect valuable nutritional data regarding the sex and species of your parrot and their response to an established, whole foods, nutritionally balanced, maintenance diet that you will be expected to follow when feeding your birds as a part of this study. Taking part in this project is especially important if your parrot has been diagnosed with any type of illness or disease condition, needs repeated beak trimming (a sign of avian malnutrition). Or if your bird has developed a pattern of growing new feathers, pulling them, and repeating this feather destruction. If your bird has practiced feather destruction, but their feathers no longer grow back, or your bird has aggressive or fearful behaviors they can also benefit emotionally from the high level of nutrition they will receive on our ‘Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan’.

Because the Best Bird Food Ever! Complete Protein Sprouting Blends are the foundational food in our ‘Balanced Exotic Avian Food Plan’ you will be expected to follow the Balanced Food Plan as closely as possible and buy more sprouting blend for your flock, as needed. You will also receive personalized information on how easy it is to prepare and feed the balanced, whole foods, ‘Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan’. If needed, you will receive individual support in teaching your parrots to eat the higher quality, nutritionally balanced foods. Many parrots recognize the higher quality foods and begin eating them right away.

To be a part of the ‘Healthy Bird Project’ you must agree to follow and feed our ‘Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan’. The fee for Leslie Moran’s personalized consultations is between $75 and $125 per hour. As a member of the Healthy Bird Project you receive valuable consultation information at a significantly discounted rate of $30 per hour. Because of the time involved in these consultations, we can now longer offer a discount on product purchases or free consultations to new members.

In exchange for this you will be asked to provide copies of any blood work or other tests done and the veterinary diagnosis for your bird, any treatment protocols, and their background and history, if known. You will also be asked to provide a series of photos or videos, that can be emailed to us, documenting your bird’s progress, your bird’s food dishes, and any continuing veterinary checkups, follow up blood work, other tests, or change in veterinary treatment protocols. This will help us gain a full picture of your bird’s condition and treatment, and how improved nutrition is influencing their healing responses.

You will agree to submit follow up information on your birds in the Healthy Bird Project at regular intervals, weekly, every other week, or monthly.

The Value of a Necropsy

Here at our facility, when a parrot or finch dies they are sent to Dr Prasad for a complete necropsy (animal autopsy) report. This is the only way we can know exactly what caused the bird’s death. The information we receive is an essential part to having a better understanding of how the nutrition the bird received during his life supported or detracted from health.

Having an avian necropsy done by a person specializing in avian pathology is essential for receiving accurate results. As a part of the Healthy Bird Project all members agree to send their birds to Dr Prasad, or a comparable avian pathologist for necropsy. You cannot have the necropsy done by the State Department of Agriculture, they do not have the experience, the knowledge or the most recent developments in the pathology — the causes and effects of — avian diseases.